The Nameless Book “Hbashi Hashi”

The Nameless Book has been doing a little bit of messing around with iMovie and a repository of copyright-free film recently. They came up with this video for the track “Hbashi Hashi” from the Object 10 compilation from last year. Have a look at it below (or go to our YouTube channel):

For those of a nervous disposition the film contains scenes of fire and things igniting. On balance it’s illustrating how careful you should be so you don’t have to experience it, so it has a purpose aside from looking interesting…


Back catalogue on YouTube

As usual we’ve been really sloppy about keeping this place updated because frankly it’s a pain in the bum to remember to update yet another site with what’s happening. Sorry about that, but y’know we do have lives etc.

Anyway, we’ve just finished uploading all the tracks from Vermont’s “Ins Kino” album to the terrifying hellscape that is YouTube, and we’ve made a nice Playlist so you can listen through the whole thing when you’re on the go and don’t have a CD player handy (who does nowadays?)

Here it is so you can take a listen:

We’ll be working through some of the other tracks in the back catalogue soon so subscribe to the YouTube channel if you’d like to stay in the loop.

Bullfight In Bogona?

As a glorious aside to the rerelease of Vermont’s second single The Euphony, here’s a YouTube video of Jimmy from The Bobby McGee’s showing people how to play the C9 chord on the ukelele using the lead track from that release.  He does get the song title slightly wrong, but we can forgive him for that…

The Euphony is still available for free streaming or paid downloads (or even on a shiny seven inches of black vinyl) here.