Tbilissi recommends Part 4

It’s our very great pleasure to draw your attention to former Tbilissi alumni Wintergreen.  They have just released their debut album, and it’s an absolute cracker.  Have a listen to this track from it:

The Rule Of Small Things is available on vinyl and digital from their own Bandcamp page and we highly recommend you get it.

Wintergreen - TROST cover

If you do like this album, maybe you could consider buying their previous release Autumn Leaves/Clockwork Mice?  Just asking…



Tbilissi recommends Part 2

Second in our series of sporadic signposts towards music that we like is this tune from a compilation released to raise funds for a “monthly sonic exploration event” in deepest darkest Worcestershire.  We haven’t been, so don’t know if it’s any good, but this track is fantastic and makes us want to turn the hi-fi up until the deaf bloke next door starts banging on the wall.

The compilation is available for whatever you can pay here, and the track in question “Wiederholen Gruppe 99” by the ever-excellent Soundhog can be watched simultaneously with an old skiing film below.

Tbilissi recommends Part 1

We’re busy here working on various new releases and reissues here at Tbilissi towers at the moment, but we thought it might be good to share some of the things we have been listening too as we wade through websites and muck about with Photoshop.

A new single that we’ve been listening to loads is one of the singles in the Odd Box Records 100 Club Series of 7″s – “Flux/Teeth” by the excellently fuzzy Fever Dream.   Here are the tracks for you listen to; you can buy directly from the Odd Box site, but hurry as there’s only 100 copies available.