Brother Francisco’s “Do The Street” out today

So the Do The Street single is once more available to buy, either as a digital download or as a very nice CD single with some lovely pictures and a jewel case.

Form an orderly line and troop over to our store to purchase it. Or click below.

More Francisco…

Here’s the other side of the Do The Street single by Brother Francisco – ‘Into The Fleet’. I don’t think they were designed to rhyme, but it’s funny how things turn out isn’t it?

Do The Street is available to buy on Friday 9th February.

Finally, something new(ish) on Tbilissi

One thing you may have noticed over the past few years is that everything that’s appeared here has been a reissue of something released previously by Tbilissi in some form or another. That’s primarily due to us having stocks of lots of old records to shift, but we’ve been thinking Tbilissi could do more than that.

So we’d like to announce that first of all we’ll be helping Brother Francisco to shift some of their quality merchandise – their single ‘Do The Street’ which came out on CD single in 2008. It was their only proper release during their lifetime (which is a shame, as there is plenty of quality stuff in the vaults) and wasn’t sold in a great many places but is worthy of further attention.

It’s due to be available to the public on Friday 9th February so keep your eyes peeled. Here’s the title track for you to listen to in the meantime:

Miss Pain are here again

Following their first single for us, Miss Pain decided to show us their romantic side with another double A-side pulling back the sheets on the steamier side of life. Heartbreaker and Caught My Eye were joined in unholy matrimony on black plastic and then thrust deeply into record shops to be used for your pleasure.

We’ll be selling our remaining stock of these singles from Friday 18th August, so pick one up on our Bandcamp page from then. In the meantime here’s the A-side to listen to:

Oh my goodness – it’s Miss Pain!

Following on from our recent burst of reissuing activity, we are proud to present the first single by those south coast seductresses, those Mephistophelean engines of pleasure, the mighty Miss Pain.  Crashing forth in 2004 in a frenzy of analogue synths, viscious guitar chords and tales of perversity, E.B.F.H./Campari & Sex elicited consternation from the NME and sighs of pleasure from everyone else.

We have the final few copies of this wonderful 7″ now available to buy from our shop.  Or you can have a listen via our Soundcloud page below.

Vermont’s “Ten Random” returns

Hot on the heels of “Ins Kino” (well, relatively speaking for us) comes the reappearance of Vermont’s second album and final album “Ten Random”.  Originally released back in 2004 it was the last official Vermont release on Tbilissi and signified an end of an era for the band.  It’s now available for you to buy again digitally and on CD from here.

Of course you can dip your toe in the aural waters by listening on our Soundcloud page.

Vermont’s “Ins Kino” – available now!

Phew, we’ve had a crazily busy summer so yet again curating the previous releases on our homely little label has taken a backseat.  However we have just uploaded Vermont’s first album “Ins Kino” into the monolithic servers of Bandcamp and given you the option to buy either digitally or a physical copy (12″ vinyl and proper CD).  Why not go here to take a look?

The album is also on our Soundcloud if you’d prefer to have a taster beforehand.

Tbilissi recommends Part 4

It’s our very great pleasure to draw your attention to former Tbilissi alumni Wintergreen.  They have just released their debut album, and it’s an absolute cracker.  Have a listen to this track from it:

The Rule Of Small Things is available on vinyl and digital from their own Bandcamp page and we highly recommend you get it.

Wintergreen - TROST cover

If you do like this album, maybe you could consider buying their previous release Autumn Leaves/Clockwork Mice?  Just asking…


Tbilissi recommends Part 3

Hello there.  Yeah, it’s been a long long… long time as someone famous once sung, but we’ve not forgotten about you.  We were just busy elsewhere making other records, just not ones on Tbilissi.  In fact we should probably tell you about them instead of keeping it to ourselves.

One record we helped create has just been released on the reliably stimulating WIAIWYA label.  This is a taster:

It’s the first track on Side Two of the debut album proper from The Leaf Library called Daylight Versions.  And here’s the cover so you can find it in the shops:Daylight Versions

That is some nice design there.  Anyway, The Leaf Library are launching this fantastic piece of plastic with a show at The Lexington in Islington this Sunday 22nd November with support from The Hayman Kupa Band and some mysterious special guests who can’t be named for stupid legal reasons.  If I only had a DRINK for each time I’d heard that from a promoter… ahem.  Tickets are available here and a certain Simon (formally from Vermont) will be assisting them onstage (as he recorded and co-produced the album as well).