Tbilissi recommends Part 3

Hello there.  Yeah, it’s been a long long… long time as someone famous once sung, but we’ve not forgotten about you.  We were just busy elsewhere making other records, just not ones on Tbilissi.  In fact we should probably tell you about them instead of keeping it to ourselves.

One record we helped create has just been released on the reliably stimulating WIAIWYA label.  This is a taster:

It’s the first track on Side Two of the debut album proper from The Leaf Library called Daylight Versions.  And here’s the cover so you can find it in the shops:Daylight Versions

That is some nice design there.  Anyway, The Leaf Library are launching this fantastic piece of plastic with a show at The Lexington in Islington this Sunday 22nd November with support from The Hayman Kupa Band and some mysterious special guests who can’t be named for stupid legal reasons.  If I only had a DRINK for each time I’d heard that from a promoter… ahem.  Tickets are available here and a certain Simon (formally from Vermont) will be assisting them onstage (as he recorded and co-produced the album as well).


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